US Army Brigade Combat Team Nonlethal Capability Sets

Client — US Army PM CCS/IED Defeat – Picatinny Arsenal, NJ
Project — Brigade Combat Team Nonlethal Capability Sets (BCT NLCS)
Destination — 108 Locations
Scope — 2,028,708 Items, 1,090 Containers, 4,033,000 lbs. of Equipment

When the United States Army needed to create the next generation of Nonlethal Capability Sets (NLCS) for Brigade Combat Teams (BCT) deploying to the Middle East, they were faced with a daunting task. The BCT NLCS needed to have the smallest footprint and weight possible, yet also provide sufficient resources for an entire BCT (approximately 3,000 soldiers) to conduct five distinct missions. These included setting up roadside checkpoints, controlling crowds and riots, equipping convoys with hailing and lighting options, and conducting cordon and contain operations.

After extensive procurement review, the Army selected AARDVARK as the sole source provider to design, integrate, document, and ship the systems directly to end units. AARDVARK was also tasked with providing system training to the Army instructors, Hazardous Material and shipping coordination, serial number and UID tracking, iteration control, vendor management, end user technical support, and warranty administration.

The resulting BCT NLCS systems consisted of 10 quadruple containers each with 17 mission specific modules in five different configurations. In total the BCT NLCS project fielded more than four million pounds of equipment and more than two million individual items over the course of three years.

The US Army Brigade Combat Team Nonlethal Capability Sets are Integrated by AARDVARK.

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