Miami Police Department Ballistic Helmet Sets

Client — Miami Police Department
Project — Ballistic Helmet Sets
Destination — Miami, FL
Scope — 4,500 Items Integrated into 1,500 Serialized Sets

When the Miami Police Department originally came to AARDVARK with the logistical challenge of obtaining 1,500 ballistic helmets for standard issue, they did not anticipate that the outcome would be a complete fielding and serial number tracking solution.  Looking beyond the challenge at hand, AARDVARK presented Miami PD with the option to have the helmets integrated into fully assembled, serialized, and labeled ballistic sets.

The sets consisted of a level 3A ballistic helmet, face shield, and neck protector which AARDVARK integrated into one turnkey unit before shipment.  AARDVARK also provided Miami PD with documentation of the manufacturer’s serial numbers cross-referenced with sequential serial numbers assigned to each system for tracking and accountability purposes.  The result was 1,500 integrated ballistic helmet sets that were serial number traceable, documented, and ready to be fielded by Miami PD.

The Miami Police Department Ballistic Helmet Sets are Integrated by AARDVARK.

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